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Surround yourself with the right People

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How would you know that you are surrounded by the right people? For those in the dark wouldn't know the difference. Let me elaborate on that: Person with the right mindset will keep away the wrong. We often get influenced by the type of people we are surrounded.

I used to tell my nephew, who suddenly lost the track on his goal. It became difficult to make him realise, but then, not all are willing to accept. We should learn to let go of people that are not helping us grow. You need to have the right objectives in life; set a right mindset on what you want to achieve. Write down your life goals and then read them every morning. This will help you set the type of people you need to surround with.

For instance; try talking about your new plans (just 1% of it) to your current group of friends. Within no time, you will learn who will be supporting and who is mocking. Try further to learn about those who showed the support, see if they have already qualified similar life goal or are they already there.

In case if you find no one, leave that group immediately and try promoting about yourself on social media or try connecting with those who share similar interest.

Here's why?
If you are surrounded by low vibe friends and you caught up in the vibe, leave that group of friends.

Remember, a low vibe Person must surround themselves with positive people, it helps to increase positive vibes. For example, One low vibe Person with Four Positive People will catch the Positive vibes. And on the other hand, if Four low vibe People and One Positive Person then the chances are high, Positive Person would catch those low vibes. Unless, the Positive Person, rebuke the negative energies that are constantly trying to harm. But there is a way to take a break from those people and reset.

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