Monday, June 22, 2020

Ways To Make The Best Use Of Time

Having the right mind-set to leverage time:
"Time is Money, Money is Time." 
The quote we have heard a hundred times. To make the best of the time, one needs to set the right mindset. Our minds have the power, use it well. Do not focus on the Problems, if you do, they multiply. Focus on Possibilities and ignore the problems. Meditate on the possibilities and you will have the right mindset.

Be very practical:
It is easy to say then to be very practical about it. As you read this, you will start doubting the same. But I tell you, these are common doubts. Once you set your foot in the right place, there is no turning back. Again I emphasize; "Our minds have the power" so make the best of the mind power. "What we think, we become".

Stay Focused and Productive:
In one of the post, I have talked about choosing the right Playlist. The music has a lot to influences our mind. If you want to stay focused, avoid low vibes music. Actually, Bollywood Music is designed to dig in your emotions, which is indeed very harmful to your focused mind. Avoid those Bollywood songs or TV Series or Movies as much possible, especially when you are in the process of creating something for yourself. 

Time Chart your Tasks Daily:
When you write on your diary or create a note on the phone app, it sends a subconscious reminder of "To-do list"; timely make the list, divide it in the week, work on it and you will have the time for it.

Prioritize the manageable work, keep it balanced
Indulge in something that you can manage and prioritize it. Before you do so, you need to have the right mind-set. Make sure you are not pre-occupied. Focus on the work you want to complete, try imagining it before going to sleep, think about it before doing it, make plans in your mind and when you wake up the next day, you will feel ready for it. Do not multi-task, complete one and then move to the next.

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