Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are? Really?


Why do people choose the dog that looks most like themselves?

Somewhere in the year 2013, a friend and I were doing research over Human Behaviour as a part of our study, he happens to share one interesting fact that believed, he discovered. To always know for sure that the similarities of the Dog and the Dog owner, the behaviour and the looks, I have even penned down a character for a film script that was never made.

While filming for my most prestigious Film "Welcome Millions" I have spent a lot of time with the Actors and the Crew that were dog owners. Most often I have asked, how they picked the dog?. There was one interesting answer I would like to share. The Actor, happen to tell me, How he adopt the dog. Since his Dad was a Police Officer, he wanted to get one Labrador Retriever puppy from the Police. Interestingly, there were many puppies he could choose from, but there this one puppy that came towards him, and then he knew for sure that it's the dog that chooses the owner.

I read a quote today "Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are", but that so wrong! Fact Check: The Dog already knows its owner or it would have never lived with them or chosen them. Now here's a catch, "Does the dog loves only good and positive people?" Well, that's the question I am going to unfold as you read. Remember that the dog can read the aura of the person, so the dog knows about the person they are living with. 

Parallelly, let me also tell you another side of the story. Another actor friend of mine lives in Bombay (Mumbai) works in Bollywood Industry, did super hit films and his wife as well an actor. She even took a career break just to look after the dogs. So they had this breed I believe it was Vizsla Breed, very scary dog, sadly died a very tragic death. I loved this dog, and they always used to tell me that the dog is really strangely good with me as it's not with everyone else. They used to always sense about a person on how the dog reacts to them. Let me tell you, this couple is the best I met in Mumbai. Very honest and I can tell, there was never a doubt in my mind. Always on positive instinct with them. 

The reason I am not mentioning any of their names as I don't want you to deviate from the topic. But the Actor who owned Labrador Retriever dog was a very negative guy, there was a lot of deceiving energy I could constantly feel and somehow I managed to work with without getting adjusted to the vibes.

Did you know? The dog is the exact copy of the owner, it gets adjusted to the vibes of the owner or the owner get adjusted to theirs. For a fact, the dog not always chooses the owner based on how good a person is, but it always chooses the vibe that they are attracted to. Whether it's a Good Vibe or the Bad one, it does get adjusted to it or manipulate the owner to get adjusted to theirs. Let me remind you, even Hitler had a dog. You need to be the good person to bring forth the good vibe you never fake that for the Dog. So that's my point, don't try to be someone, because the Dog already knows who you are and that's why it is living with you, either to change you to be a good or to become like you, in both cases to remain Loyal to you.

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